TSP Complex Ltd TSP Job Circular 2022

TSP Complex Ltd TSP Job Circular 2022

TSP Complex Ltd TSP Job Circular 2022

TSP Complex Ltd TSP Job Circular 2022 Job Circular TSP Job Circular 2022 The recruitment notice has been published today. TSP Complex Ltd(TSP) is a government job circular. TSP Complex Ltd(TSP) Job Circular It is managed by the concerned Ministry of Government of Bangladesh. If you are a job seeker. TSP Job Circular then you can apply in this job circular. To apply, one must have the educational qualifications and other experience mentioned in the TSP Job Circular 2022 _ TSP Complex Ltd(TSP) recruitment notice.

TSP Job Circular 2022 If you have all the qualifications mentioned in the recruitment notice, then apply for this job in TSP Job Circular.  TSP Complex Ltd(TSP) If you want to apply for this job, first download the official PDF file of the TSP Job Circular Recruitment Notification. Then carefully read the completed details of TSP Job Circular 2022 carefully. TSP Complex Ltd(TSP) To download the PDF file of this job circular, click the Download PDF button below. TSP Job Circular 2022 Please read the information below to know more about this recruitment notice.

How to apply for TSP Job Circular 2022

To apply for TSP Job Circular 2022 click on the Apply Now button below and fill out the prescribed form for the  TSP Complex Ltd(TSP) Job Circular. Then submit. After submitting the application for TSP Job Circular 2022, send an SMS from the SIM of the Teletalk Operator to the number mentioned in TSP Job Circular or recruitment notification. To send an SMS, you will need the job ID of the TSP Job Circular. Below is the job ID is given below. TSP Complex Ltd(TSP) Job Circular 2022
Organization information

Company Name: TSP Complex Ltd(TSP) Job Circular 2022

Abbreviation: TSP Job Circular 2022

View details: 3 corporations viz., Bangladesh Fertilizer, Chemical, and Herbal Industries Corporation, Bangladesh Paper and Board Corporation, and Bangladesh Tanneries Corporation were merged into Bangladesh Chemical Industries Corporation (BCIC) on 1st July 1976 as amended by Presidential Ordinance No. 27 of 1972 No. 25 of 1976. ) is established. The Chairman and Directors of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Government. The chairman is empowered to manage the organization as the chief executive. In order to carry out the work properly, the chairman gives power to the board of directors, secretary, department heads, and factory heads after receiving authority from the management board of the organization. On the basis of this, the concerned officials manage and supervise the overall activities of the organizations and industrial establishments.
The overall activities of the Corporation are managed through a Board of Directors consisting of a Chairman and 5 Directors appointed by the Government. There is a separate Enterprise Board/Company Board for each factory. Each Enterprise Board has a representative from the Ministry of Industry appointed as the Director of the Board. The managing directors of the respective factories manage the day-to-day operations through the direction and supervision of their respective enterprise boards. The journey of the organization started with 88 institutions received by succession. Later 6 new factories were set up by the company and 3 factories were transferred from other companies under the control of BCIC.
As a result of the government’s implementation of the foreignization policy, out of a total of 97 industrial establishments, Puji was withdrawn from 65 establishments. 7 factories were handed over to former owners and 7 institutions were handed over to Mukti Jodha Kalyan Trust. 5 institutions have been closed by government decision and manpower pay-off. At present 13 industrial establishments are being run under the control of BCIC and 9 more industrial establishments are being run on a partnership basis.
BCIC is producing products like fertilizer, cement, paper, glass sheet, hardboard, sanitary ware, and insulators. 80% of BCIC’s products are chemical fertilizers. Out of this 70% are urea fertilizers and 10% are other fertilizers. It should be noted that since 1996-97, BCIC was entrusted with the sensitive matter of distributing fertilizers among farmers across the country to ensure the food security of the country. BCIC is fulfilling this great responsibility with great confidence and success.
TSP Job Circular 2022


Name of Institution:
TSP Complex Ltd(TSP)
Short name:
Application Start Date:
October 27, 2022
Application Last Date:
November 30, 2022
Notification No:
Web Link:
TSP Complex Ltd TSP Job Circular 2022
TSP Complex Ltd TSP Job Circular 2022
TSP Circular 2022

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TSP Complex Ltd(TSP) Job Circular Take a good look at the pictures।
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TSP Complex Ltd TSP Job Circular 2022 Job Circular 2022 What is it?

TSP Complex Ltd TSP Job Circular 2022 Job Circular 2022 This is a Bangladesh Government Job Circular.

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